Zeek IDS Installation on Raspberry PI Part 2

Updated 09-06-2021 Welcome back! In the last episode – our intrepid adventurers setup a Raspberry Pi and got Zeek IDS, downloaded, compiled and running in a very basic way…. But what about some more advanced functions? What can this small box filled with power do more than report packets traversing switches and routers? Changing the…
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Zeek IDS Installation on Raspberry PI Part 1

(Originally posted on Peerlyst Aug 20, 2019 – Updated March 3, 2024) Changelog: Changed Raspberry PI from 3B+ to 4. Reinstalled from scratch with Debian Bookworm. Downloaded source .ta.gz from and compiled from source instead of using git due to hang in one of the modules. A few months back I purchased a Raspberry…
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Network Architecture for my home setup

Learning Zeek

  I’ve been fascinated by Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) for ages. I love that a port on a switch can mirror all traffic coming into other (or all) ports and make that traffic available for inspection. Back in the day I used to deploy ISS (Now IBM) IDS devices in corporate networks. At the…
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Welcome to Secognition

I’ve been debating hanging out my own shingle for a while now and the COVID-19 pandemic has steeled my resolve to do this. I feel I have much knowledge and experience to share. It’s been hard to put myself out there. What will people think? What if I’m wrong? Should I use the Oxford comma?…
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